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Correspondence between W.B. Yeats and Piotr Kropotkin (1904)

Archive: State Archive of the Russian Federation (GARF)

Reference: Fond 1129 Opisi 2 Entry 1238

Date Range: 27 June 1904

Number of sheets: 2

Number of letters: 1

W.B Yeats to Piotr Kropotkin, 27 June 1904

Mrs Dryhurst who brought me to see you many years ago thinks you would like my new play which is to be played for the last time tomorrow. I would feel it a great honour and pleasure if you could come to see it and accept a place in a box. If you ___ for box 7 you will find me. The play begins at 2.15 sharp.

Archive: National Library of Ireland (NLI)

Reference: MS 25639

Date Range: 5 July 1904

Number of sheets: 2

Number of letters: 1

Piotr Kropotkin to W.B. Yeats, 5 July 1904

I was so sorry I could not take up your kind invitation last monday. I was going that same day to Brussels to visit my friend Elisee Reclus who is very ill and could not postpone my journey. I need not say how interested I am in your play. Are you going to publish it? It would be such a pleasure to read it, but I hope that it will be played soon once more. Kind regards from all 3 of us.

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