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Letter from Thomas R. Marr to Piotr Kropotkin (4 June 1901)

Archive: State Archive of the Russian Federation (GARF)

Reference: Fond 1129 Opisi 2 Entry 1689

Date Range: 4 June 1901

Number of sheets: 2

Number of letters: 1

Thomas R. Marr was Warden of Manchester University Settlement and a campaigner trying to improve the quality of housing in Manchester. In 1904 he published a map of housing conditions in Manchester and Salford (pictured above). Before this he was a member of the 'Geddes Circle' and was Patrick Geddes’ assistant at the University of Dundee in 1894 and bursar of the Outlook Tower between 1895 and 1901. In November 1901 (a few months after the below letter) he lectured to the University Settlement in Ancoats on British food production arguing for increased efficiency and the Manchester Guardian's report claimed his arguments were based on those of Kropotkin, specifically his book Fields Factories and Workshops (1899).

Thomas R. Marr to Piotr Kropotkin, 4 June 1901

(Sent from University Settlement, Manchester Art Museum, Ancoats Hall, Manchester.) Has Geddes written to you about going to Glasgow to give some lectures for the International Association? He was keen on getting you here for some weeks if you could to give some general talks in geographical and social matters with special reference to the materials in the exhibition. Of course there would be a suitable fee. It really would be up to you what you could afford to go for. I would have written before about it - while I was still an active official of the association but I know you were then in America. Now I see you are home again - hopefully after a successful tour. Please let me know if you have heard from Geddes and how likely you are to be able to make it to Glasgow. I have resigned as secretary of the association to undertake here in Manchester an enquiry into the housing and improvement of the surroundings of the people. We have got a very excellent ___ (illegible) and I am hoping to do some good work and to get a good building...but that wont be for some time.

First now all my energies are focused on getting a clear statement of the local problem - not as easy a business as it may seem. Send regards to family. How are you? Not too tired?

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