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Reproduced Letter from Piotr Kropotkin to Thomas Fisher Unwin - March 1917

A download link for a PDF of the letter is below. This item has been reproduced with permission from West Sussex Record Office and is located at the reference number Cobden Mss 981-982/32.

Cobden Mss 981-982 32 - Kropotkin to Fis
Download • 1.57MB

West Sussex Record Office, Cobden Mss 981-982/32, Piotr Kropotkin to Thomas Fisher Unwin, 31st March 1917

Thomas Fisher Unwin was an English publisher heavily involved in the British Society for Friends of Russian Freedom. His wife Jane, was also a prominent activist and daughter of famous British Liberal MP Richard Cobden.

Summmary: Kropotkin apologises to Unwin about his boxes that have not yet been sent to Brighton and asks him to deliver them to the Representative of the Zemstvo Union at London. He says that he has sent Unwin's letter to Sasha (his daughter) and wishes she would write (possibly referring to a reply, but also possibly to write more in general) but she is always busy with things including the Anglo-Russian Friendly Committee. Kropotkin suggests Unwin and his wife Jane Cobden Unwin must be pleased with the news from Russia (likely of the February/March Revolution of 1917) as all their sympathies and work for the Russian cause and for Russian refugees have not been in vain. Kropotkin ends the letter 'I so will remember the kind words we so often heard from you and Mrs Unwin for these many years. The cause of mankind is moving!'

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